Blood Donor by American Red Cross App Reviews

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A really well-built app

I dont usually rate apps, but this one is totally worthy of a review! It is so well-made and so informative it is a pleasure to use. It makes me want to continue donating even more! It works just as you would hope an app would! Well done Red Cross!

Such a handy app!!!

This app saved the day when I showed up at a donation appointment and realized my wallet was in another purse! I was able to show my donor card on he app and still donate. I love being able to see where my blood is in the post-donation process and where it ends up. Scheduling is a breeze . Love love love this app!!!!

Great app

This app is simple and to the point. I just made my first donation two weeks ago and using it is informative as it is fun. Donating makes you feel accomplished like your giving back. The icons are big bright and simple.


Im always joking about the vampires calling, should have set up my app a long time ago! I get to set up the most convenient time to donate, mark my calendar, and get directions all in the app! Had to get a new donor ID card mine was so old, but glad I did. I know Im going to love doing it this way. Its always the "wrong" time when they call. This way I can add Red Cross to my plans when Im making them ;-)

Useful, easy to use

I love this you the information you need and makes it easy to schedule appointments and track your history. Yay!!! Love it!!!

Very useful and informative

This app is designed very well. It is visually appealing and easy to use. Not only can you use it as your donor card, you can also access your blood type and track the progress/status of your donation. Great job!

Great app!

This app has been very helpful finding drives and scheduling appointments. Biggest recommendation is to incorporate rapid pass for mobile users!

Does not include RapidPass

The whole point of downloading he app is to be able to schedule appointments and complete RapidPass before the appointment. Now I still have to go to a computer to complete RapidPass. Might as well not have downloaded the app.

Blood donor

Good app to track your donations and schedule donations but as far as the rewards go, I have tried and tried again to get it to work to no avail. I redeem the rewards, then nothing... No email and it pops me right back to the main app page. Im not saying it will deter me from giving blood but it definitely upsets me.

Great App

Smooth performance and lots of educational info.

Blood donor

I really enjoy this app. So far its alerted me to where my blood is in the process: testing! Storage! I really hope it tells me when its used. Id like more information on this app, like what it means to donate double reds or platelets or plasma. I think more information would really benefit and help people decide what else they can do. But so far I really like it!

Love this app! Its so informative!

I absolutely give this app a 5-Star rating! Why? Because it is so extremely handy and informative! This app sure beats having to go to the computer and manually log into your account to check your blood donation records... instead its all right here in the app at your fingertips!! Another awesome thing is this app has your donor card in it which too makes it extremely nice when it comes the time to having your donor card scanned.. All you have to do is hand the American Red Cross Associate your electronic donor card on your smartphone and they scan it right off of your phone! Pretty cool stuff! Get this app, you will never regret it!!!

So convenient!

This app is so convenient! It makes scheduling appointments to donate so easy and is really convenient when rescheduling is necessary. It is easy to use and navigate.

Quite useful

I like all the data - including what stage of processing my most recent donation is in - and the availability of my donor card. The pushes remind me when to donate as appropriate is really useful.

This is great!

This is an awesome app. Very helpful to schedule and watch as your donation goes through the process. And I always have my donor card.

Love this app

Great app!


Its so easy to set appointments and find places near you :)

Cant update

Ive been trying to enter my donor ID for weeks but nothing has happened. Apparently, there is no support for this app. Its a good idea but it is poorly designed in this aspect.

Great app to track your blood donation.

This app is very convenient to see when Im able to donate again. The tracking is fun to see the whole process from donating to completion. Does anyone know how long the 5 steps usually takes for the blood donation to be completed?

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